Daytona Ink

Jet Set Tattoo was established in year 2000. We have set the standards for quality in the Daytona Beach area for more than 5 years

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  Daytona Ink

Our tattoo artists have over 10 years experience at Daytona ink. Each artist use ONLY brand new needles for every tattoo, as well as sterile tools and top of the line inks and pigments.

Jet Set maintains Federal and State Health Laws regarding safe and sterile tattooing procedures, as well as registered and approved by the Alliance of Professional Tattoo Artits also known as APT, for regulations and standards.

Here we GUARANTEE a fun, safe, and sterile tattoo procedures. Our dedication to the art of tattooing and to the satisfaction of our customers is evident in our quality of work and sterile environment. Come visit Jet Set, the best Daytona ink parlor.