Tattoo Aftercare

Jet Set Tattoo was established in year 2000. We have set the standards for quality in the Daytona Beach area for more than 5 years

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  Tattoo Aftercare – We Carry H2Ocean Purified Ocean Salt Water

  1. Leave the bandage on for one hour. Do not remove and re-bandage the tattoo. No matter how badly you want to show friends right after you’ve finished, this is an important step to start the healing process and help prevent infection when the skin is at its most sensitive. Your tattoo will be there forever so you can surely wait one day to show it off.
  2. After removing the bandage, wash the tattoo with mild soap and water. Gently hand pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel.
  3. Apply ointment sparingly, Rub in briefly and then wipe off any excess. Just enough should be used so that the skin is dull not shiny. In order to heal quickly your skin must be able to breathe. Do not over moisturize. If you have any doubts let the tattoo be more dry then moist.
  4. Continue to wash the tattoo and apply the ointment twice a day until the tattoo has healed. A dry flaky layer of skin will form on the tattoo. When it has peeled off completely on its own then the ointment is not longer needed.
  5. Do not ever pick or scratch at the tattoo, it is natural for a new tattoo to itch somewhat while it is healing, however, scratching at a fresh tattoo could remove a scab or flaking skin prematurely. Doing this could seriously affect the look of your tattoo when it heals.
  6. Do not get any direct sunlight on the tattoo for a period of two weeks or until it has healed completely. This cannot be stressed enough. Whenever you are in the sun for the first two weeks, the tattoo must always be covered by your clothing.
  7. Do not swim or go into a Jacuzzis for at least one week. While it is necessary to shower and clean the tattoo regularly, it should not be soaked in water for long periods of time as this could remove a scab prematurely and negatively affect the look of your tattoo.
  8. After your tattoo has healed, be aware of the sun’s affect on it. Excessive exposure to sunlight will fade and damage a tattoo’s appearance. To keep a tattoo looking its best for a lifetime, it is recommended to use a strong sun block (SPF 36 or SPF 50) on the tattoo itself to prevent it from being harmed.
  9. Failure to follow the care directions properly can extend the healing time or prevent your tattoo from looking its best. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 386.760.3073. Thank you.