Tattoo Aftercare

Wash Your Hands First, And Before You Touch Your Tattoo Each Time *remove Bandage Carefully In 1 To 4 Hours, Depending On Your. Plans, (Use Common Sense!) Wait Until You Have Access To A Clean Environment Before Removing. Bandage And Cleaning The Tattoo! *do Not Ever Re-bandage, The Tattoo Needs To “breathe”
*wash With Cool Water And Antimicrobial Soap Or A Mild Antibacterial Soap (Dial Pump Type) * Its Normal To Have Small, Colored Particles Come Off On Your

Hands Or Fingers

Wash The Tattoo 2 To 3 Times Daily And Apply The Lotion About
4-5 Times Per Day With Clean Hands. Use Only Your Hand, Never Use A Washcloth, Showering Is Fine With Warm Water!

Let Tattoo Air Dry, Do Not Use A Towel To Dry After Air Drying, Apply A “pea” Size Drop Of H2ocean, Use One Of The Listed Products, And Nothing Else! Never Submerge The Tattoo Under Any Water Do Not Expose The Tattoo To Direct Sunlight. Wear Loose Clothing For Sun Protection

  • Do Not Pick Or Scratch The Tattoo, If Scabbbing Occurs,

Allow The Scab To Flake Off Naturally Apply It So Thin That It Is Not Reflecting Light Or Shine, To Achieve This Rub The Lotion In For At Least A Minute! Make Sure All Of It Is Absorbed Over Moisturizing Will Over-soften The Tattoo. The Following Are Recommended.

Aftercare Products

H2ocean and Provone Antimicrobial Soap Is Available At The Front Counter. Do Not Sleep On The Tattoo Or Wear Tight Clothing Over It, If
You Get Stuck To Anything, Saturate A Clean Cloth With Cold Water Thru The Sheet Or Clothing Until It Releases From The Tattoo.

The Healing Process Is Going Nicely For You!

Your New Ink Was Applied By A Professional Artist, In A Clean
& Sterile Manner, All New Needles And Single Service Items, With Top Of The Line Inks & Techniques Now It Is Up To You To Care For It Properly! We Recommend Using An Spf Only After It Has Healed! To

Protect It From The Sun

Any Questions Feel Free To Call Or Stop In Jet Set Tattoos 1-386- 760-3073