Jet Set Tattoo was established in year 2000. We have set the standards for quality in the Daytona Beach area for more than 5 years

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Our tattoo artists have over 10 years experience. Each artist use ONLY brand new needles for every tattoo, as well as sterile tools and top of the line inks and pigments.

Jet Set maintains Federal and State Health Laws regarding safe and sterile tattooing procedures, as well as registered and approved by the Alliance of Professional Tattoo Artits also known as APT, for regulations and standards.

Here we GUARANTEE a fun, safe, and sterile tattoo procedures. Our dedication to the art of tattooing and to the satisfaction of our customers is evident in our quality of work and sterile environment.

Got Kids? Is someone you know undecided about a particular tattoo? Have no fear, Jet Set offers Henna temporary tattoos in every shape, size, and design. We carry only real black Henna which is hypoallergenic and PDP free. Henna tattoos last 3-4 weeks and won’t even wash off in the pool!


We are home to Daytona’s most qualified and professional body piercers. Our piercers have over 10 years of experience in body modification, sterile procedures, first aid, and boimedical waste and blood born pathogens.

We Strictly adhere to Federal and State Board of Health Piercing Laws, as well as maintain the stictest sterilization and piercing procedures. We use ONLY brand new needes for each piercing, which are immediately disposed of after every use.

Aside from our dedication to the art of body piercing, we also offer the finest selection of body jewelry in Volusia County. We carry both internally and externally threaded body jewelry in a variety of hypoallergenic metals for our customers’ health and convenience. From surgical stainless steel to titanium, we have everything for your individual piercing needs.

Mention the website and receive an additional 10% off any piercing or body jewelry purchase!

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We are not just famous for our quality tattoos and body piercings but we also have a gift shop!

We carry the largest assortment of tobacco pipes and products in Volusia County, including hand blown glass and intricate metal tobacco pipes.

Unique gifts such as handmade 14k gold jewelry, white gold, silver, and stainless steel pendants and chains. We also have designer belt buckles, watches, keychains, hats and t-shirts.

We carry a wide variety of body jewelry both internally and externally threaded in hundreds of styles. Tapers, plugs, and large gauges are also available for the discerning customer. From the titanium to stone and bone we have everything to accommodate your personal style.

For the piercing and tattoo enthusiast, we also carry the only APP and APT approved aftercare (H2Ocean products) at affordable prices.

Mention the website and receive an additional 10% off any accessory purchase!

Pricing | Aftercare | FAQs | Accessories Pricing